Spare Curling Ice

More than just an ice arena!


Tuesday morning and afternoon ice is still available until the end of the season.


Evening ice currently available as follows...


22nd Jan - 8.30pm

28th Jan - 8.10pm

29th Jan - 6pm or 8.10pm

4th Feb - 8.10pm

5th Feb - 5.40pm or 7.10pm or 8.30pm

11th Feb - 8.10pm

12th Feb - 6pm

18th Feb - 8.30pm

19th Feb - 6pm or 8.10pm

25th Feb - 8.10pm or 8.30pm

26th Feb - 6pm

4th Mar - 8.10pm

5th Mar - 8.10pm

11th Mar - 8.10pm or 8.30pm

12th Mar - 8.10pm

18th Mar - 8.10pm

19th Mar - 6pm or 8.10pm

25th Mar - 7.10pm or 8.10pm