Spare Curling Ice

More than just an ice arena!




12th December - 6pm and 8.10pm

18th December - 8.10pm, 8.10pm and 9.50pm (Pairs)

19th December - 8.10pm

8th January - 8.10pm

9th January - 8.10pm

15th January - 9.50pm (Pairs)

22nd January - 8.10pm

23rd January - 8.10pm

29th January - 8.10pm

30th January - 8.10pm

5th February - 8.10pm

6th February - 6pm

12th February - 6pm and 8.10pm

13th February - 6pm

20th February - 6pm and 8.10pm

27th February - 6pm and 8.10pm

5th March - 6pm

20th March - 6pm and 8.10pm

26th March - 6pm